How to Windsurfing

Why should we go for Windsurfing this season?

Windsurfing has been the favorite sport for the tourists spending vacations in the breezy sands of beaches. However, when it comes to Turks and Caicos, it’s the obsession. For the last 60 to 70 years, windsurfing or sky surfing has been entertaining people in the best possible manner. In this article, we observe this beautiful water sport. Launch yourself and start to try this sport.

windsurfing lessons

If you are planning on spending your vacation on the excellent grace bay area, then do not spend your entire time lying on the beach. Vacationing is a great occasion to get your bond with your family, friends, and spouse. But from today you can program your lessons. So we recommend to make the most of this time. So what could be more fun and entertaining than learning a sport together?

Windsurfing Lessons

Although almost all sort of sports offer the muscle workout and thus a chance to exercise, however, most of the time while vacationing, we do not bother about the exercise thing. Windsurfing is a kind of sport where you have the fun sailing on the shallow waters of the Turks and Caicos, but on the other hands, it demands great muscular exercise as well. There are specific movements and reflexes involved which you have to repeat time by time. That is why it is known as bodysurfing. Moreover, you have to maintain your balance while surfing which requires focus and balance of mind. So, overall we can say that windsurfing is something that offers you a dual benefit.

Make your bond strong:

We have mentioned earlier in this article that learning together makes your bond even stronger. So, no matter whether you are vacationing with your family or with your friends, windsurfing offers you time to spend together and get to know each other better.

Leave the hassle behind:

Most of the people choose the beaches to spend the vacations because they need their nerves to be relaxed. However, with the increasing trends and with the seasonal rush, it is not possible on the beach. So why not to learn the windsurfing technique and sail away from all the hassle and bustle?

Feel the freedom:

Have you ever talk to a surfer? Have you ever asked them why they love windsurfing or kitesurfing? Well, if you ever asked them their probable answer would be the experience the “Freedom.” Freedom to kitesurf on the waters, feeling the wind and the calmness and the serenity of the sea. Well, if you see kitesurfing this feel, we bet you would give it a shot.

Windsurfing Equipment

Although learning the windsurfing sport could be amusing and entertaining, however, you need professional guide and training to learn the safety and technique. There are a variety of service providers available, however, if you want to choose the best then go with the Water Play TCI. They have the latest equipment and the best team to make your windsurfing experience more convivial.

So, if you are planning on spending your vacations in the Calm waters of Turks and Caicos windsurfing, then we have the best equipment and the professionals to offer the authentic lessons.

How to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Turks and Caicos Paddle Boarding

Holidays are your best time of the year? Therefore, you just want to relax. Is time for get ourselves away from the busy and hectic life of the city to somewhere quiet. Is it your vacation time? Are you looking for someplace to get your muscles to relax? Well, we suggest you choose the Turks and Caicos Islands at this time. The excellent Grace Bay is the official paddle boarding or the SUP (Paddle Surfing) spot. Every year this place invites the people from all over the world to enjoy the serene and calm waters of Providenciales Grace Bay. You would witness some of the best beaches in Providenciales. There are a variety of watersports activities that make this place a heaven for the surfers.

Paddle Boarding Near Me – Near You!

In this writing output, we will discuss some of the benefits related to the most popular and prevalent watersports activity-paddle boarding or standup paddle boarding. So no matter whether you are an adventure junkie or the family person, this activity is a must to do while your stay at Turks and Caicos.

Leave the doubts aside. Turn your vacation into turks and caicos into a great experience!

Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding Basics: Maintain your balance

The activities like paddle board or the stand-up paddle boarding yoga offer the sense of balance and stability both mentally and physically. During practicing your session on the paddle board, you will learn to balance your weight and body on the board. Well, it is not easy to maintain your balance on them, however, practicing would be beneficial.

Paddle Boarding Equipment, Core strength:

Paddleboard is derived from the old Peruvian fishers. This activity involves the surfing board and paddle to stand and sail through the waters. So when it comes to enhancing the core strength, then what could be more engaging than the paddle boarding? It involves the arms strength, legs stability as you have to paddle through the waves.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga

Apart from vacationing you can hire a professional team to learn this highly engaging activity. Although there is not much equipment involved in paddle boarding and that’s the beauty of this sports activity, but still, you need to get acquainted yourself with you surfer board and the technique as to how you can use the paddle.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga

Yoga is known worldwide to enhance focus, balance, stability and toning the overall body. So when it comes to SUP yoga the two makes the perfect combination. With the increasing popularity of paddle boarding, the surfers now introduce a new activity-SUP yoga. Sailing through the waters of the Providenciales offers you the ideal spot for yoga as the southern waters do not experience any massive waves and deep waters.

Paddle Board Rentals

If you are thinking about learning this great sport or fun activity, then all you have to do is to contact us today, and we will guide you through all the essentials. Moreover, we also offer the availability of latest rental equipment and thorough training to conquer the world of water through your paddle board.


How to kitesurf

Kitesurf Lessons

You ask yourself: How to kitesurf? Turks and Caicos offers the best vacation spot for the tourists, who want to spend their vacations meaningfully. The area of Providenciales is known for the water sports activity it offers to the tourists.

How to kitesurf?

So if you are planning on having a vacation with a motive of having fun. It is perfect! But you can vacation while learning something new. Then the best place to hit this year is the Providenciales. The long Turk island and the somewhat smaller Caicos Island are all set to offer the best kitesurfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, SUP and SUP yoga experience.

The best Kite lessons in turks and caicos

Kitesurf lesson

However, the focus of this article would be to discuss the kitesurfing lessons in the Turks and Caicos Islands. If you are thinking of having your vacations in the Providenciales, then all you need is to keep on reading to learn regarding the basics of kitesurfing kite lessons.

Kitesurf turks and caicos

The waters of Turks and Caicos offers the best environment for the water sports activities than anywhere else in the world. Every year, large groups of tourist choose this environment-friendly spot to spend their vacations. So, How to kitesurf?

Water sports activities

Although there are various other water sports activities, the importance of kiteboarding is fundamental. If you want to spend your time away from the crowd on the beach, then the best way is to hire a company offering kitesurfing lessons and sail away with the kites.

how to kitesurf

Kitesurfing equipment

Before having to indulge yourself in kiteboarding or kite surfing, you have to learn the basic techniques, hire the kitesurfing equipment and the best way to do so is through hiring a teaching instructor.

Kiteboarding packages – Learn from basics to pro

Nobody can handle the tricky kitesurfing equipment without having someone guiding through the basics and then sharing the techniques regarding the skilled kiteboarding. Although we admit that you cannot master the games in a few days, however, if you want to save your time, you can start your lessons days before actually heading off to the vacations.

Kitesurfing transition

The kiteboarding lessons start from the land, and your instructor will teach you regarding the equipment and how to handle it. Moreover, you will learn regarding all the safety rules and get to train yourself with the kite as well.

how to kitesurf

Waterstart kitesurf

After the lands lessons, the instructor takes you to the shallow waters of Turks and Caicos to teach you regarding the wind. You can feel the pressure of the wind and how the kite is moving your body into the waters.

Kitesurf jump

Once you grab the idea of kite moving with the wind and how you have to balance yourself with the changing wind you are all set to move ahead to your next lesson. There are a variety of service providers in the Turks and the Caicos islands; however, if you want the professional help, then there is no better choice than Water Play TCI team.

King of watersports

The team offers the highly professional staff with the years of experience with the area to teach you in the best possible manner. Moreover, you do not have to worry at all regarding the availability of the kitesurfing equipment. Furthermore, we offer the variety of kiteboarding packages to suit your budget.



how to kitesurf

Providenciales Grace Bay


Providenciales (often Provo locally) is an island in the northwest Caicos Islands. Have you ever been to the Turks and Caicos Islands? If you are planning to spend your vacation more in a fun way rather than lying on the beach all the time, then the Turks and Caicos Islands are the best possible choice. There are various beaches in both the Grand Turk and Caicos Islands. However, the island which steals most of the limelight is the Providenciales. This island is situated in the northwest Caicos Island and is the hub of a variety of water and supports activities.

Often pronounced as Provo offer the exciting sports-related activities for the families, students, individuals, and couples. If you haven’t plan your vacation location yet, then choose the Provo Turks and Caicos Islands. 


Providenciales Airport

Adress: Airport Rd, TKCA 1ZZ, Islas Turcas y Caicos

Things to Do in Turks and Caicos

This writing output will tell you about the various sports activities that you can enjoy while vacationing on Provo.

Kiteboarding & kitesurfing lessons

If you want to learn and enjoy kiteboarding, then the best place to do so is undoubtedly the Providenciales. The features that make this place so ideal is the steady wind, crystal, shallow, and warm water with the absence of corals.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If you want to burn the calories while on the vacation while enjoying, then the best way to do so is to get yourself indulge in SUP. This water activity is excellent for the surfers with the use of paddle board.

Kayaking turks and caicos

One of the most fantastic experience while on the Providenciales is the ride on the Kayak. The crystal clear water is all you need for the kayak with your partner on board.

Windsurfing turks and caicos

Are you kind of adventurous person? If so, then the best activity for you while on the Providenciales is the windsurfing. This activity not only offers the great test of balance and stability but also provide a great time with the waves.

Mangrove Tour

Experience the aquatic life and the history related to the islands on your tour on the paddle board or the kayak. You can hire a guide to deceiver all the historical and fun facts regarding the place so that you know the situation better. You may encounter the variety of aquatic life including turtles, seabirds, conch, rays, and starfish.

SUP Yoga & Paddle Surf

The grace bay beach also offers you the internal calmness and poise while surfing on the tides. If you love yoga and you are in Providenciales, then you have to try SUP Yoga. It is done on a 10-12 ft. Longboards with the specific Asnas. Enjoy the warm turquoise waters of Providenciales while learning to maintain your balance, stability and enhancing your muscle strength.


Sailing turks and caicos

Well, there is one thing that is a must to do while on a beach, and that is sailing. So if you are planning for your vacations on Providenciales Grace Bay then sailing is a must. You can hire all the equipment and even an experienced guide for the sailing lessons. This activity can be enjoyed individually or with the family.

Snorkeling turks and caicos

If you love to discover the underwater life, then the best spot to do so is Providenciales Grace Bay. With the help of a guide, you can discover the perfect spots for the snorkeling and enjoy your underwater adventure.


Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)

Stand up paddle lessons in TCI

Due to various reasons, stand up paddle boarding is considered to be among the most popular Grace bay watersports. If you visit Turks and Caicos, you might be able to see that many tourists are taking stand up paddle lessons in sparking turquois surfaces. In fact, stand up paddle boarding is not a new adventure. As per the records, this exciting water sport is originated back in 1960. During the past decade or so, stand up paddle boarding has become incredibly popular. If you prepare a list of most popular Grace bay watersports, stand up paddle boarding will be in it for sure. The increasing demand for the stand up paddle lessons in Turks and Caicos is a clear indication of the popularity of this watersport.

As we believe, stand up paddle boarding may surpass conventional surfing activities in terms of popularity. If you are a true watersport enthusiast, stand up paddle boarding is something you must try. That being said, let’s see why you should try this exciting sports activity.

Stand Up Paddle boarding

  • Better Visibility

When it comes to traditional surfing activities, the surfer generally begins riding by lying on the board horizontally. Because of this horizontal alignment, the surfer experiences a very poor vantage point. This becomes a disadvantage when the surfer has to see the approaching wave. In addition to that, looking back becomes an even harder task for traditional surfer.

Stand up paddle boarding

However, when it comes to stand up paddle boarding, you will surf in standing position, always. Because of this stand-up position, you will be able to enjoy a better visibility. The vantage-point you get is an excellent. When you are on a stand-up board with knees-bent position, you can rotate your body to look back without experiencing any strain on the neck.

  • Waves aren’t compulsory

One of the most notable advantages associated with stand up paddle boarding is that you can experience it even if there are no waves at all. With a stand up paddle board, you can surf on very calm waters (which are common in Turks and Caicos). Therefore, if you are a total beginner to water sports and you are reluctant to face large waves, stand-up paddle boarding is a superb choice for you.

  • It is a type of workout exercise

The movements you make on a paddle board provide significant amount of workout particularly to the core area of the body. When it comes to traditional surfing, however, majority of engagement is done with arms (that is until you catch a wave). Stand-up paddle boards are usually about 8 inches taller than you and thereby it offers greater amount of resistance. The end result is more physical engagement for your core area as you may realize.

If Turks and Caicos in your holiday destination list, that is the ideal place for you to try this exciting watersport. If you are a total novice to this activity, don’t worry; you have a great chance of taking stand up paddle lessons from an expert watersport trainer in Turks and Caicos.

5 Reasons to Practice Kitesurfing

Kitesurf Turks and Caicos

The Islands are considered to be the dream destination of tourists who prefer tranquility, beautiful beaches, blue waters and a perfectly adventurous holiday. If you are looking for the best water sport adventure in Caribbean Islands’ best tourist destination, Turks and Caicos kiteboarding is the perfect choice. If a tourist prepares a Turks and Caicos things to do list – as we believe – Kiteboarding must be ranked top of it. What makes kitesurfing Turks and Caicos  so special? Let’s find out.

  1. Plethora of learning opportunities:

    As opposed to traditional sporting activities, Turks and Caicos kiteboarding requires plenty of new learning. In other words, if you are a fan of too predictable, boring sports, Turks and Caicos kiteboarding is not for you. To master it, you should go through a step-by-step process with a trained Kiteboarding specialist. Taking private Kiteboarding lessons in Providenciales has become a norm among the tourists nowadays. Participants get the opportunity to learn the basics on kite handling, safety procedures, wind behavior and use of proper equipment. In fact, learning these basics is an adventure itself.

  2. You can develop a special set of skills:

    If you have some experience in board sports, that would be advantageous when engaging in Kiteboarding. However, Kiteboarding Turks and Caicos Island requires you to develop a totally new set of skills which is simply amazing. That means, even if you are a total beginner to board sports, you can master Kiteboarding with a good instructor. Such Kiteboarding instructor will teach you a significant number of skills which aren’t common to other sporting activities. Controlling the kite to match the wind conditions and hovering over the sparkling waters is a truly amazing experience for any human being.

  3. Achieving personal goals:

    Learning how to engage in Kiteboarding is a great achievement itself. It is a whole new type of goal which is not common to other tourist destinations. As you advance yourself with experience on Kiteboarding, you will be able to know by yourself how enriching and satisfactory it is.

  4. Enormous amount of thrill:

    One obvious characteristic associated with Kiteboarding is the enormous amount of thrill it offers. As you drift rapidly over the surface of the water, you experience an exceptional amount of freedom.  Eventually, it can become an addiction.

  5. Experience the best of nature:

    When you are in the middle of the ocean drifting rapidly across the enormous blue surface, you get an opportunity to experience the best of the nature. It is a wonderful experience that makes you feel as if you disappear into the atmosphere.

If you are interested in making your next holiday a memorable, adventurous and a miraculous one, we suggest Kiteboarding in Turks and Caicos. However, it is always better to have the guidance of an expert Kiteboarding trainer. A good Kiteboarding trainer will be able to provide Kiteboarding rentals too. So, get ready to enjoy a whole new experience in your next vacation at Turks and Caicos with Kiteboarding.

Book your lesson now!

Kiteboarding turks and caicos

Turks and Caicos Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding are the most famous water sports in the world, in the tropical islands full of beautiful and exotic beaches located in the northern region of the West Indies. If you are an adventure lover, then you have arrived at the right destination. Turks and caicos kiteboarding is a complete experience!

Explore kiteboarding, kitesurfing and other adventure at its best with our professional training. In order to enjoy any adventure, safety gains the prime importance. Therefore we recommend taking private kiteboarding lessons in Providenciales before moving on to your sporting activities. If you are wondering about Turks and Caicos things to do, Kiteboarding, kitesurfing paddle board Turks and Caicos, are some things that can get you started.

Kiteboarding lessons

Our team of professionals provides in lessons by adopting a simple yet effective teaching method in which people can learn techniques to enjoy their time.

“The Turks and Caicos culture is rich and attractive”

Kiteboarding rentals

We also provide kiteboarding rentals as an affordable option for our visitors. Kitesurfing is another fun activity that people look forward to enjoying with their friends and family. In Turks and Caicos schools, we provide professional lessons for kiteboarding so that you can avail the joy of kiteboarding without any hassles. Most newbies have to spend a lot of time unwinding upwards. With our top-notch lessons, we strive to make kitesurfing Turks and Caicos as simple and fun for you as possible.

Grace bay watersports

Apart from merely providing lessons, our team gives you the most wonderful kiteboarding experience of all. The methods we use are efficient and safe. The learning is a social activity as many people from all over the world opt for our training due to the superior quality. On the banks of the famous grace bay, None of your valuable time during the lessons is wasted so that you can make the most of your kiteboarding experience. Our accelerated methodology is designed in such a way that you get full worth of your money. Other lesson!

Customized Learning

One of the best thing about our training techniques is that we customize our teaching completely in accordance with your learning speed. You are the decider of your pace. If we think you are completely ready for a safe and fun experience, no one will hold you back. But on behalf of the turks and caicos schools, we assure you that we are always there if you require a little extra attention in completing your lessons with full efficiency.

Expertise and Fun With Safety

We offer an expertise at a global level so that you can become an expert in what you learn. So, opt for our services to enter into the thrilling world of sports, keeping in mind the safety precautions alongside.

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