Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)

Stand up paddle lessons in TCI

Due to various reasons, stand up paddle boarding is considered to be among the most popular Grace bay watersports. If you visit Turks and Caicos, you might be able to see that many tourists are taking stand up paddle lessons in sparking turquois surfaces. In fact, stand up paddle boarding is not a new adventure. As per the records, this exciting water sport is originated back in 1960. During the past decade or so, stand up paddle boarding has become incredibly popular. If you prepare a list of most popular Grace bay watersports, stand up paddle boarding will be in it for sure. The increasing demand for the stand up paddle lessons in Turks and Caicos is a clear indication of the popularity of this watersport.

As we believe, stand up paddle boarding may surpass conventional surfing activities in terms of popularity. If you are a true watersport enthusiast, stand up paddle boarding is something you must try. That being said, let’s see why you should try this exciting sports activity.

Stand Up Paddle boarding

  • Better Visibility

When it comes to traditional surfing activities, the surfer generally begins riding by lying on the board horizontally. Because of this horizontal alignment, the surfer experiences a very poor vantage point. This becomes a disadvantage when the surfer has to see the approaching wave. In addition to that, looking back becomes an even harder task for traditional surfer.

Stand up paddle boarding

However, when it comes to stand up paddle boarding, you will surf in standing position, always. Because of this stand-up position, you will be able to enjoy a better visibility. The vantage-point you get is an excellent. When you are on a stand-up board with knees-bent position, you can rotate your body to look back without experiencing any strain on the neck.

  • Waves aren’t compulsory

One of the most notable advantages associated with stand up paddle boarding is that you can experience it even if there are no waves at all. With a stand up paddle board, you can surf on very calm waters (which are common in Turks and Caicos). Therefore, if you are a total beginner to water sports and you are reluctant to face large waves, stand-up paddle boarding is a superb choice for you.

  • It is a type of workout exercise

The movements you make on a paddle board provide significant amount of workout particularly to the core area of the body. When it comes to traditional surfing, however, majority of engagement is done with arms (that is until you catch a wave). Stand-up paddle boards are usually about 8 inches taller than you and thereby it offers greater amount of resistance. The end result is more physical engagement for your core area as you may realize.

If Turks and Caicos in your holiday destination list, that is the ideal place for you to try this exciting watersport. If you are a total novice to this activity, don’t worry; you have a great chance of taking stand up paddle lessons from an expert watersport trainer in Turks and Caicos.

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